Life span of your Mattress

Studies have shown that a mattress and foundation provide optimum service for about eight to 10 years of nightly use. After this period of time, the sleep set no longer offers you the comfort and support it did when it was new.

Look for these simple ABC’s to check your mattress at least twice a year:

A – Age : has your mattress had more than eight to ten years of nightly use?

B – Beauty : would you be embarrassed to show your uncovered mattress in public? Does it have stains, soils or tears? Does it sag?

C – Comfort : over time you become desensitized to the dwindling comfort and support of your mattress – just like you would to an old pair of sneakers. When you lie down and concentrate on the comfort of your mattress, does it feel the same as it did when you first tried it at the store?

If your mattress failed one or more of these ABC’s it is probably affecting the quality and quantity of your sleep and it is time to invest in a new sleep set.

When evaluating your mattress and quality of sleep, also consider your “personal” ABC’s:

A – Age : the amount of space and support required for a six year old may not be enough for a 16 year old.

B – Body : as we age, our bodies change. What was comfortable and supportive when you were 25 may not meet your needs when you are 35 or 45.

C – Changes : in lifestyle, such a moving into a new home or getting married may call for a change in your mattress