Uses 2.0mm and 2.2mm diameter 3-zone Posturized Chirotech Coils, the most advance OFF-SET pocket coil spring made with hard drawn, high carbon steel wire. Enhanced with Steel Edge Support using fully heat treated high carbon steel-engineered for maximum durability firmly attached on edge coils at the periphery, extended with engineered Flex Edge Supports on the outside edge to create 23% greater usable sleeping surface and no sag seating edge to extend mattress life, with hardwearing Insulating Pad over the top coils securing it to the innerspring preventing the upholstery layers from copping into the coil, with high density Extra Cushioning Layer, Natural Rebound Latex conforming narturally to the body shape and reduces tossing and turning and fully covered width High Quality Knitted Fabric with Luxurious Quited Designs on a high density foam to help resist body impressions and provide more consisten surface comfort.


It offers conforming support and even weight distribution to keep your spine naturally aligned in a fully relaxed position. It has latex foam that conforms to your body and helps those who sleep on their side rest comfortably in one position. It will also provide enough support for your middle section without arching your spine. Independent support also means less disturbance for sleeping partners when one person rolls over. Good for side-back-stomach sleepers, back pain relief and less disturbance.


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