King Koil is committed to customer satisfaction.

King Koil is committed to customer satisfaction. Our 110-plus years heritage is built on providing quality mattresses that provide a better sleep.

The craftsmanship and care used to build every King Koil mattress and foundation offer a Full Warranty against defects in workmanship and/or materials (other than fabric handles or tufting rossetes, if featured on the mattress).

The following information is required to obtain service under this warranty: Proof of Purchase with date, Place of Purchase and Purchase Price.

If you believe your mattress is defective, please contact the retailer from which you purchased your sleep set. If you have moved or the store has closed contact us in the following ways: info@kingkoil.com.ph or call our Service Hotline 330-3787

To determine the number of years of warranty, match the Warranty Code found at the Warranty Tag attached on the head part with the Warranty Schedule listed.


At Full Warranty, mattress and/or foundation will be repaired without charge for labor, materials, inspection and transportation OR at Manufacturer's option'replaced. This cover the following conditions:

*Proven damage / defect reported immediately upon receipt of the item  

*Broken or loose coils or wires  

*Protruding coils or wire through the fabric  

*Sag by 1 1/2? in height  

*Splitting of wood frame, leg failure and loose or broken wire for foundation


*Cover (includes soiled, stained, torn or burned)

*Handles (where fitted)- these should be ised only to position the mattress and should not be be used to support the full weight of the mattress  

*Bent border wires as a result of folding / bending  

*Damage or defect resulting from fortuitous events, abuse, negligence or mishandling of the sleep set  

*Normal wear and tear  Bedding sold 'As is'

*Comfort Preference  

*Freight and shipping


At Limited Warranty, defective item resulting from any defect beyond the Full Warranty period may be repaired or replaced if required with labor, materials, inspection and transportation at the expense of the client. If identical materials are not available at the time of repair, King Koil reserves the right to substitute materials of comparable quality.