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Find your sleep bliss with King Koil Bodipedic. Uses the most sophisticated OFF-SET pocket coil springs, which are made of hard drawn, high carbon steel wire, with a 1.8mm diameter pocket coil spring. enhanced with Steel Edge Support, which is made of completely heat-treated high carbon steel and is designed for maximum durability. Foam Encasement covers the entire perimeter and the top of the coils is secured to the innerspring by a durable Insulating Pad, which keeps the upholstery layers from cupping into the coil. Completely wrapped in premium knit fabric with an opulent quilted design on foam to assist reduce body impression and offer more even comfort on the surface. The ticking is Sanitized, which is embedded in the fabric. It provides continuous defense against bacteria, dust mites, and allergens. Additionally, it has been coated to repel dry soil, unpleasant, erratic spills, and splashes, enabling liquids to bead up and roll off.
Firmness: Medium Firm
Thickness: 9.25 Inches
Warranty: 10 Years
Available at: All Home


    • Uses 1.8mm diameter Pocket Coil Spring
The most advanced OFF-SET pocket coil springs made with hard drawn, high carbon steel wire.


    • Enhanced with Steel Edge Support using fully heat-treated high carbon steel – engineered for maximum durability firmly attached on edge coils at the periphery


    • Foam Encasement on the entire perimeter with hard-wearing Insulating Pad over the top of the coils securing it to the innerspring preventing the upholstery layers from cupping into the coil.


    • Fully covered with High Quality Knitted Fabric with Luxurious Quilted Design on a foam to help resist body impressions and provide more consistent surface comfort.


  • The ticking is treated with Sanitized embedded in the textile for constant protection against bacteria, dust mites and allergens, odor-resistant and safe for human and the environment.



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