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Mattress Care

Mattress Care Your new sleep system is designed to conform to the contour of your body allowing you a comfortable, healthy night’s sleep. Body conformity will usually take place within the first night, certainly within the first few weeks of use. To help minimize the body impressions and to maximize comfort and longevity of your […]

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Body Impression

Body Impression A good mattress provides comfort and proper support for your back by conforming to your unique body shape. Given that people usually sleep in the same area of the mattress every night, the foams are continually compressed in the same area. Within two of three nights of compression a small indentation will form

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How To Sleep?

How To Sleep? All Sleep Is Not The Same Throughout your time asleep, your brain will cycle repeatedly through two different types of sleep: REM (rapid-eye movement) sleep and non-REM sleep.The first part of the cycle is non-REM sleep, which is composed of four stages. The first stage comes between being awake and falling asleep.

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